1. Our History

Our medical facility originated as a smallpox sanatorium (Hikoso Vaccination Center) founded by the local Kaga Clan in 1862.
The original Internal Medicine Department at Kanazawa University has a 120-year-history and started when Dr. Sato was named as the first professor of Internal Medicine at Ishikawa Prefectural Kanazawa Medical School in 1883. Professor Sato acted as a pioneer of modern medicine here in the Hokuriku area, and the successive seven professors, from the second to the eighth (see below), gave us our strong foundation for Internal Medicine. In 1897, while Yamazaki was the ninth Professor of Internal Medicine, a two-part system was introduced which helped to provide the steady development as the gKanazawa University First Department of Internal Medicineh. With the new focus on graduate studies, our department became gKanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science for Cancer Gene Regulation,h in April 2000, and Dr. Shuichi Kaneko was appointed as the 18th Professor in May 2004. In 2016, our name was changed to the gDepartment of Graduate School of Advanced Preventive Medical Sciences (System Biology)h. Maintaining our high degree of professionalism, we have taken over the medical examination and study system focused on Holistic Medicine.

2. Our Medical Care

We have the following four research groups.
1) Diabetes, Metabolism and Endocrinology
2) Gastroenterology
3) Nephrology, Hypertension and Collagen diseases
4) Cardiology.
Each area of special research and patient treatment are advanced by our united efforts. We try to eliminate the negative effects of over-specialized scientific research as well as provide leading, cutting-edge medical treatments as a university hospital. Furthermore, in order to train as a gGeneral Specialist,h we work from the ground up as physicians at our university and other affiliated hospitals in Hokuriku area without belonging to a specialization group for three years after passing a national examination for medical practitioners. At Kanazawa University Hospital, we provide medical care in Departments of Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Rheumatology, Cardiovascular Medicine and Nephrology. In collaboration with each department, we also perform medical examinations and treatment as the staff for the Division of Blood Purification, Department of Endoscopy and Central Clinical Laboratory. Moreover, we are heavily involved in the Multicenter Study with a coalition of affiliated hospitals.

3. Our Research

We work together daily on various studies, under the leadership of Professor Kaneko, and all members of four research groups are energetically engaged in both Basic and Clinical Research. We have enthusiastically developed our research by collaboration, not only with each other but also with other departments, schools and institutes. Our research is fruitful and we publish over 30 to 40 original English papers every year.